Instant IPO enables an alternative path of going public without the long-winded, complicated proceedings of the traditional IPO process. The entrepreneur controls the concept of going public itself and is not dominated by banks, advisors, lawyers and auditors. Shell companies offer the entrepreneur a high degree of independence from its credit-providing banks through a quick and easy path to the stock exchange, and enable direct access to the capital market, and therefore the acceptance of interest-free share capital (equity capital). A shell company also enables a clear increase in the popularity of the company through its future positioning in the capital market.

Instant IPO is a reliable partner for procuring shell transactions.

Apart from the purchases and sale of the companies, our network also offers investors an integral consulting before and after the acquisition of a shell company, e.g.: expansion oft he listing to further stock exchanges, a change oft he listing segment and advice and assistance in the subsequent corporate action.

Additional Services

  • capital market services
  • due diligence & company valuations
  • dual listings
  • compilation of prospectus

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